Free Calling & Texting Made Easy by Neeo

As we all know that there are hundreds of applications are on app store providing free texting and calling facility but Neeo is one of the newest in the market. So, today we will discuss about this app and will give you a good review in front of readers.

As far as compatibility is concerned, right now, Neeo is compatible to multiple platforms including Android and iOS. News is there that they are working to make this awesome app available on other operating systems too.

Neeo - Free Texting &calling app

On both platforms, Android and iOS, users can download this app for free without any cost. One of the factor of distinguishing this app from other is that it allows you to make contact with people all over the world without any cost. Secondly, it is emerging day by day so you can connect with a wider network through Neeo.

Setting up this app is as easy as you like. You can kick off with this app after downloading it from your smartphone related app market. After following few steps you will be registered on it. Secondly, your phone will automatically synchronize your smartphone contacts and you will be able to connect with people having Neeo installed on their phones. After that you are ready to make full use of free texting and free calling all over the world. Remember! It also gives its users the facility of inviting friends and family members on Neeo without any cost.

The most appealing thing is that it is very sophisticated application. Having very simple and attractive interface, this app is very easy to use. Unlike other apps, the navigation is laid with very simple steps.

If we talk about the performance of the app, it serves fairly huge amount of users and the speed is as awesome as you desire. It is usually recommended that if users connect Neeo through Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, the speed and the smoothness of the application will inspire you. The reviews of this app tells that it has great quality of voice calling and sending texts internationally.

What Takes Neeo Ahead of Other Apps

But there is something more to tell about this app. Yes! The feature of cross platform multilingual translation has taken this app to the next stage of smartphone applications. It allows you to translate your messages into more than 150 languages which is stupendous.

So, what are you waiting for, get started right now and check this awesome free texting and calling messenger app for android and iPhone. Now, there is no need of download multiple app for texting and calling because Neeo allows you to utilize both feature at one platform.

Download Neeo app from apple app store

Download-Neeo app from Google Play Store


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